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Solo exhibition held at Mixer Project Room, 2020, Istanbul

I wished to talk about distance. I intended to form new connections between my relationships, what I saw and what I missed. By depicting physical and mental distances I intended to seek again ways to redefine them. And by getting closer to the subjects I intended to depict, I would actually create Self-portraits. I started by documenting the Span of a Hand, then I tried to get closer to the ones I know the most by depicting their unfrequently exhibited limbs under the heading of Family Portraits. Just then, we began to witness distance  emerging in our lives with new definitions. I fell right in the middle of the matter. As I got closer to the subject, internally and externally I gained distances within distances. I couldn’t keep up. I had to start over again:

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Ahu Akgün (March – June 2020)

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